Project Description

AWAY SPA - W Hotel
The newly renovated hotel spa was designed to provide a luxury experience within a downtown, urban setting. This oasis starts as you step off the elevator and arrive at the pool level on the 16th floor. One is greeted by standout, two-tone, custom wood floors that provide a beautiful version of way-finding to the spa’s entry. The design of the space incorporates art with a soft palette to instill a sensation of relaxation and composure. The space is overflowing with tonal shades of blue and green. Accents of deep cranberry and a subtle blush hue are playfully placed throughout the spa. The brass Gantry and layer of gold leaf adorn the ceiling in a jewelry-like way to give some “glamour” to the otherwise clean-line space. Upon arrival, the backlit lithos Stone serves as a layer of warmth for the first impression.
Next, to really draw you in, the faceted Botanic Green stone creates a dual reception desk and bar ready to serve a healthy cocktail or fresh pressed juice. The bar is truly a gem set in the middle of the space, complimented by lime-wash plaster walls and hand-crafted emerald tileto pull it all together. Crucial elements such as natural light, captured by ribbon windows, mirrors and sheer drapery, yield an upbeat sense of wellness for the client. Layers of organic texture and material are integrated throughout the spa then married with dynamic wall-coverings, some of which were designed in-house or in collaboration with specialty artists. For example, the profile of a woman wallcovering inspired by a salon style “blowout”, was designed custom to help create movement along the back wall and maybe even a Photo Op for fun.
The goal is for this specific spa is not only to restore well-being, but to create memorable, unique moments with friends and family. Designing a space as intricate and thoughtful can come with challenges. As a complete turnkey renovation, our firms’ challenges happened to be working within the existing framework of the space and having to take into consideration the former plumbing and electrical.

The team decided to make this challenge an opportunity by converting smaller treatment rooms into larger specialty couple’s treatment rooms complete with soaking tubs and a fireplace. While the transformation included a heavy hand in coordination, we were successful in utilizing the existing as opportunities to provide an upgrade and overall elevated experience. This luxury spa now matches the hotel’s additional amenities and its upscale setting. The city has met serenity! A Carefully crafted, blissful and rejuvenating luxury spa will make memorable opportunities that last long after you’ve turned in your robe.