Project Description

The Cameron
LOCATION :: Tempe, AZ DATE :: 2020 SIZE :: 10,000 SF
The Cameron was designed with a premier community in mind, an oasis at the core of Tempe, Arizona. With adjacencies to ASU and a young professional community, this property was fueled by conversational spaces and a strong work-life balance. The Cameron spans from airy, vaulted public spaces with an over-the-top beverage bar, to sleek and more privatized plushy conferences rooms for the work-from-home demographic. There’s a sense of elegance and earthiness to the palette that resonates beautifully with Tempe’s mountainous surrounds. The idea of the peaks and valleys of the desert and the warm hues of the skyline strike a natural balance with smaller unrefined textures against the more grand wood and stone movements.
The design team worked effortlessly to incorporate the perfect amount of glamor all while keeping a grounded approach. Design elements included a mixture of hand-crafted brass chandeliers, found objects and antique sculptural décor all carrying a piece of the story INK + ORO was trying to tell. A special feature within the design would be the double volume turquoise fireplace, this element drove the rest of the design and allowed for the surrounding elements to follow in step, complimentary shades of rust and salmon colors played a large role in pulling the South Western flair through the property and to the exterior.

"Agate Halcycon Pendant"
- Brass Finish