Showcase Your Bookcase: As home décor evolves and the trends of the past go by the wayside, home libraries have become more of a staple than ever, one may even treat it as a piece of art or a canvas to create a moody vignette. Maybe you’ve seen a bookcase before and thought “how can I do that?”. Well we’d like to believe that creating beautiful moments that showcase your travels and most adored items is how “good shelf juju” is curated. I+O has gathered a few places and ideas that might just help get the job done! See below for some classic and simple go-tos:

1.Coffee Table Books: I+O loves to find oversized coffee table books and use them to add height, color, or for stacking on shelves for dimension. One of our favorite Publishers, Assouline, has invested in the growth of illustrated books geared toward the promotion of culture including, Fashion and design. These are beautifully presented and make wonderful statements for you shelves and make an even better read.

2.Handmade Ceramics: We love the implementation of handcrafted pieces whether its something passed down generationally or even a flea market find. Wisteria carries some beautiful hand painted pieces and we especially love that they sell groupings and multiple sizes of items. Featured are There Baro pots in small and medium—perfect for that authentic hand-made pottery look.

3.Home Fragrances: In the I+O office, a set of shelves never goes without a scent, whether it’s a diffuser or candle, shelves are the eye candy to your home and a welcoming fragrance makes it that much more inviting. One of our favorites can be found at Dallas’ very own Grange Hall. We suggest Cire Trudon’s Ottoman scented Candle, smelling of Honey tobacco and smoked leather, how could you go wrong?

4.Sculptural Elements: More than just an architectural accent, sculptural pieces bring an artistic and sophisticated component to the puzzle and can be an interesting and purposeful way to introduce color, metallics or other materials to your home library. I+O loves the collection of accessories MGBW carries and their accessories can even be bought off the floor—perfect for a quick pick or some much needed shelf love.

5.Plant Life: the key to adding plant life to a shelf is to make it seem effortless—though at times the idea of plants seem daunting, certain species are really very simple to maintain. We recommend Aloe, Snake plant or an arrangement of Cati. For some direction we recommend Dr. delphinium as one of the best around when it comes to creative architecturally savvy arrangements.